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Cryptocurrency Simplified for Businesses & Consumers

Trade, Store, Send & Accept Cryptocurrency

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For Businesses

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

We provide business gateway for businesses to Send, Receive & Convert cryptocurrency globally. Businesses can also choose to Store cryptocurrency in the Enterprise wallet.

  • Fast & Secured Payments
  • Low Processing Fees
  • Crypto/Fiat Conversion
  • Easy System Integration

For Traders

Buy, Sell & Trade Cryptocurrency

Trade cryptocurrency with your local currency anytime and anywhere. We support BTC, ETH, USDT and fiat in USD, MYR and CNY.

  • Fast & Secured Exchange
  • Low Processing Fees
  • Crypto/Fiat Conversion
  • Easy Navigation

New to cryptocurrencies?

There are a lot more to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. How it works? What can you do with Bitcoin? What is wallet? We provide a bit more in-depth information in our Starter's Guide to scratch your itch.

Now... How do I Get Started?

Owning a digital wallet is as easy as getting a physical one. Venture into cryptocurrency world in just a few clicks away.

1. Get your wallet by creating and verifying your account.

2. Deposit money to your wallet through any preferred methods.

3. Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin or Ethereum. Enjoy your digital currencies.

Excited about Cryptocurrency? We are all the same.

Everyone deserves an exciting and promising future. Let us see what we can do to further improve your Bitcoin experience with Cointify.